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OneMarket Brand Campaign Generic Email Design

The email is designed as a sample for brand email campaign in OneMarket portal.

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OneMarket Web App Product Design

OneMarket is reshaping the way the world shops through the world’s first retail technology network. Established in 2017 and built on the success of Westfield Labs and Westfield Retail Solutions.

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OneMarket Material Design

As a designer, I create custom icons for the portal. I also create generic banners and product search banners for demo purposes.

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OneMarket Responsive Email

One of the most difficult things that I had to overcome on building responsive emails was that each email clients had its own native issues, so there were numerous testing required due to making the email the best look in across many different devices.

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12 Digit Material Design

12 Digit Marketing was acquired by Westfield Retail Solutions in February 2017. Both entities were rebranded as OneMarket in November 2017.

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12 Digit Web App Product Design

12 Digit Marketing has introduced the first Shopper Exchange platform to empower you to target and deliver digital advertising using exclusive shopper purchase and interest data from large marquee retailers.

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12 Digit Corporate Website Design

The 12 Digit Shopper Exchange is a digital advertising marketplace that contains exclusive shopper purchase and product interest data from large marquee Retailers not available anywhere else.

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Dynamic Signal Responsive Email

As a UI engineer at Dynamic Signal, one of my responsibilities was to build responsive CMS emails. Emails are responsive across many different devices.

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Dynamic Signal Responsive CMS Community Platform

Dynamic Signal provides employee advocacy & engagement platform. The platform is specifically for employees, with an intuitive interface so anyone can easily participate in your employee advocacy program.

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qtBoo Responsive Portfolio Design

qtboo is my portfolio website that I'd created in 2014. It introduces my work, my hoppy, and inspiration.

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